Benefit Performances

.A Benefit Performance is a private evening of theater that we offer to a non-profit agency in the Austin area – one performance for each of our productions, October, February, and June.

Our standard arrangement with a non-profit agency works as a win-win for both partners.  The agency has exclusive use of the theater and gallery (for serving refreshments, if desired) for a particular performance.  Use of the kitchen can also be arranged, but may need to be shared.  Feedback from our Benefit Partners has emphasized their appreciation for quality entertainment and a heightened camaraderie among agency members.  The theater company benefits from guaranteed revenue, and the community outreach which is part of our mission.

The agency sets its own ticket price and is responsible for all marketing and ticket sales.  Paradox Players provides programs, with a paragraph recognizing the agency’s support and its mission.  This year’s charge for a Benefit is $500.  The Benefit Partner writes a check to Paradox Players (made out to the church, with “Paradox Players” on the memo line), and keeps all other revenues.  Past Benefit partners have included  AAUW, North Austin Caregivers (twice), New Life Institute, Meals on Wheels and More, LAMP (9 times), Rotary Club, AAIM, Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (3 times), Story Circle Network (twice), MCC Austin at Freedom Oaks, Texas Moratorium Network (UU’s for Alternatives to the Death Penalty), and Austin Adopt-a-Mine Group.

Some agencies use these theater evenings to raise funds, setting the ticket price at a level tailored to their own constituency.  Coupled with a silent auction in the gallery, the event can be a major fundraiser.  Other agencies find alternate funding, and offer the occasion as a special “perk” to thank their volunteers.

Howson Hall can comfortably accommodate 80 to 90 padded chairs, with a center aisle.  We like to place about a dozen chairs with arms in the back rows, for folks who prefer a little more assistance in rising.

Please contact us with questions about arranging a Benefit performance.