Children’s Theater

Our company of adult actors and puppeteers bring the magic of theater to young children.  Using the story dramatization format, we perform stories from children’s literature and folk tales.  Our shows will often be the first live theater experience for many of the children in the audience.

The Children’s Theater Company began performing in 2012 with a performance of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and Too Much Noise in an elementary school.  We have continued to present shows in schools and in Howson Hall.  In 2016 the Company added some different venues including community centers, libraries and an historical farmstead.

I wanted to thank you for today’s performance.  That was truly amazing.  Not only did you entertain the children, you entertained the adults too! I hope you will do this again next year.  We look forward to another performance.  I know other grade-levels are interested in attending.”  Thelma Herrera, Mathews Elementary

Jean Boehme is the director and producer of these shows.  She has an MFA in Children’s Theater from the University of Texas.  As the storyteller, she draws upon her 15 years of experience doing story dramatization in her classroom as a pre-k and kindergarten teacher.